I am Dapper Designs & Dapper RV

My name is Ty Sullivan and I have been a graphic designer since 2006. That career eventually led me to open my own business, Dapper Designs, where I continued my design and print buying experience but that hasn't been the end of my journey. I also began to RV with my wife and pups in 2017 and have since gained an ever growing passion for the benefits that type of travel gives me. That passion has since grown to be Dapper RV on YouTube and my RV Sales Consultant position with A&L RV in Jackson, Tennessee where I help other people into their own RV experience.

I have been captivated by how many ways the RV lifestyle can be adjusted to fit income, physical ability, overall lifestyle, and more. Everyday I learn something new and hope to share that knowledge with those around me either in person or across the world. 

Want to know more?  Reach out to me!